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Veterinary Service Partner


What is a Veterinary Service Partner (VSP)?

Veterinary Service Partners provide tax-deductible services in the form of Veterinary Service Grants (VSG) to the service or emotional support animals of veterans.  Receipts are provided for your donated services and may be used to reduce your tax burden during tax season.

What is a Veterinary Service Grant (VSG)?

A donation for a VSG is completely up to the DVM.  We do ask that you keep in mind these are usually animals of homeless veterans who have probably lacked care in the past.  We believe in our veterans and understand the important role these animals play in the lives of the veteran.


We ask that a VSG provide at a minimum the following services during a one year period (similar to a wellness plan):

  1. Courtesy Examinations

  2. Comprehensive Blood Panel (CHEM 17/CBC/LYTES OR SENIOR PANEL) x 1

  3. Urinalysis (if not included in comprehensive panel)

  4. Fecal O&P

  5. Comprehensive Dental Procedure to include any dental work needed including extractions, medications, antibiotics, etc.

  6. Comprehensive Spay/Neuter procedure (if needed) to include any pain management, antibiotic therapy and e-collar.

  7. All core and applicable non-core vaccines.

  8. Courtesy nail trims

What if an animal needs more than what is included in the VSG?

Any services required outside fo the VSG will be covered by the P.A.W.S. Forward Foundation, depending on funds availability.  This may require fundraising for the specific patient you're working with, in which case we would need to build a story to promote for donations.

Given the above, we would really appreciate as part of the annual grant a commitment on your part to honor the best possible discount on products and services.  In the past, DVMs ranged from donating all services to 25%-75% off products and services.

Whatever you chose to honor through the grant period, P.A.W.S. Forward Foundation will provide tax-deductible receipts for any of the discounts and donations you provide to help offset any taxes owed at the end of the's a win-win!

How do you know how much my grant is worth to write the donation receipt?

It's whatever you tell us the value is!

We've seen grants range from $500 to $2200 for a patient who needed ALL of the above services with extractions.

We only ask you create the estimate for us to keep for our records and we'll generate the donation receipt for you.

Can I do more than one VSG?


In fact, we ask that any DVM wishing to be a VSP provide at least three (3) VSGs.


We would love for you to provide even more!  But if you are comfortable with less than three, that's ok too...we're INCREDIBLY grateful that you're providing assistance to the animal lifelines of our veterans.

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