Update 3/9/18

Good Morning!

I've spent the last week going over how to write this update. Going over what it means for a veteran to have an emotional support animal.

The bond that emerges, a sometimes very surprising bond, that allows the veteran to express emotions of kindness and wellbeing without being aggressive or angry, the emotions that are too often felt by veterans with PTSD. The years of companionship that a veteran develops with their support animal to bring them back into the world of the living and back into the arms of their loved ones, their wives, their husbands -- their children. These support animals create a lifeline for many veterans that many thought would not be possible...creating the possible.

I went to visit Chloe and her dad at their house last week to see how things were going. The family was concerned about her progress - she still wasn't eating right and vomiting. We gave her a different brand of veterinarian-approved food for Chloe's condition to test that as well. We all kept our hopes up and prayers open.

I wanted to give a quick shoutout to Pets R Us Veterinary Hospital for the incredible care and understanding you've given Chloe and her veteran-dad David. You've discounted both service and professional fees and allowed us time to fundraise. We really appreciate it and you've done a great service to both the veteran and service dog communities. Also to Peaceful Paws Pet Cremation & Memorials for donating your services to memorialize Chloe for this incredible veteran.