A local Veteran Needs our help 2/22/18

His emotional support animal, Chloe, is in renal failure and needs immediate medical treatment.

A local, service connected veteran reached out to us a few days ago because his ESA wasn't acting right, not eating well and was vomiting. We were able to find a local veterinarian, Dr. Cyrog of Pets R Us Veterinary who was willing to take on Choloe's case.

Dr. Cryog's suspisions of renal issues were confirmed with blood work and now the prognosis is very guarded. Chloe will need to stay in the hospital for a minimum of 3 days on IV fluids with a diet change to see if her kidneys respond to the treatment.

Dr. Cryog has graciously agreed to discount the billing and postpone payment to give time to fundraise. The current bill including the 3 nights hospitalization comes to $849.

Chloe and her Hero dad really need our help to offset the cost of this bill.

A partially service-connected veteran who is unable to work gets virtually nothing from the VA...this family needs all the help we can muster.

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