These cute pencil toppers aren't so scary, but a ton of FUN!


Felt, Polyester thread, stabilizer, Pencil


These are super fun embroidered Felt Pencil tops with a #2 Pencil. You may purchase one pencil or a set of 8 or 35 for a classroom!


Cute designs include "Frank" the Monster, "Hilda" the Witch, "Jack" the Skeleton, "Mike" the Mummy, "Tommy" the Ghost, "Zenny" the Zombie, "Bello" the Vampire, and "Cush" the Voodoo Doll.

These pencils are fun for everyone. They make great classroom gifts, neighbor gifts or Trick or Treat items.


DISCOUNTS for 8 and 35 packs included.



Polyester and cotton

These items come from a smoke free home.

Halloween Pencil Toppers, Perfect for Gifts, Parties, School Prizes

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